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Plan of Service

Long range plan and technology plan

I. Technology Plan

    A. The Edna Zybell library makes available technology to improve citizen's lives.

     1. The library will upgrade one internet station in FY09.

     2. The library will make available a laptop computer for use in the library for adults, students, and business people by FY011.

   B.  The Edna Zybell Library provides training on computers for Clarence citizen's.

      1. The librarian will assist in an internet class for senior citizens in FY10.

      2. The library will provide information on classes for internet use.

II. Programming

A.  The Edna Zybell Library encourages community learning opportunities.

   1. The library will introduce the idea of a book discussion group if there is enough interest in FY09.

   2. The library will host adult programs on various topics including gardening, genealogy and local history in winter of FY10.

   3. The library will sponsor at least one cultural event of local interest  to those adults in our community in FY11.

III. Youth Services

 A. The Edna Zybell Library encourages participation of youth in the community.

   1. The library will sponsor one teen activity in FY09.

   2. The library will provide outreach service to at least one babysitting service by FY10.
This is our plan on how we will stay up-to-date on the use of technology in the library.